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Dental Implant


Could dental implants improve your life?

Are missing teeth stopping you from enjoying certain foods?

Have you ever felt embarrassed to smile?

Are bridges or dentures not an appealing option for you?

Have you had enough of expensive dental work failing? You are not alone. Dental implants may be the optimal solution to grant you the freedom from pain, embarrassment and the inability to chew.



How do they work?

A dental implant is a rock-solid artificial root, secured directly into the bone. Once a porcelain crown is joined to the implant, they function together as your natural teeth would. Most patients find it difficult to distinguish the implant from their own natural teeth.

Implants enable you to chew, smile and speak with confidence. They restore self-esteem.

Dr. Berzin has participated in numerous internationally renowned educational lectures that focus on the precision of implant surgery. The driving force behind his achievements is his aspiration to provide his patients with the freedom to enjoy life as they should. His expertise ranges from the replacement of a single tooth to complex restorations involving bone grafting and special surgical techniques.

Regardless of your needs, Dr. Berzin’s focus remains on providing the customized care that you deserve in the comfort of a safe and inviting environment. Learn more about Dr. Berzin’s dental implant procedures.

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