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Interactive & Preventative

Dentistry for Children


The Children’s Interactive &
Preventative Dental Care Program

An Engaging Dental Experience

The Children’s Interactive & Preventative Dental Care Program was specially designed for our younger patients, ages 3 to 10, to foster a positive mindset toward dental care. Through fun and educational visits, we teach your child to build lifelong habits around food choices, brushing and flossing.


Getting Off to the Right Start

Starting with your children’s first happy visit, they discover the magic of dental care. They will be shown all of the equipment to alleviate anxiety. Fun starts from supervised play with Mr. Thirsty, our water and air shooter, to a fun ride in the dental chair to count all the teeth.

When relaxed and comfortable, the educational process commences with an explanation about cavities, germs, nutrition and sugar bugs.

Parents are encouraged to be a part of the full self-care demonstration with their children.

Children at City Dental Center are special!

Looking Great and Feeling Healthy!

We encourage your children to look after their teeth and gums as an important part of their daily homecare routines. They will be encouraged through positive re-enforcement to develop a sense of pride in their mouths and their ability to make it look and feel great and be healthy. Our goal is to make dental visits educational and fun.


Our Qualified Team

We are pleased to have a proactive team of preventative dental assistants leading this program. We are certain that both you and your family will find that our team members are ideal for the job. By utilizing the latest techniques in preventative care, we hope to minimize the need for major treatment in the future.
Developing the right habits at an early age will save time, dollars and teeth over their lifetime. What better gift can you give than a healthy, happy smile?

The Program Includes:

  • Routine dental, bite and gum exams, x-rays and preventive care
  • Lessons on prevention of cavities and gum disease and dental complication avoidance
  • Demonstrations on proper dental hygiene, brushing and flossing techniques
  • An educational program on nutrition, food groups and responsible choices
  • Positive reinforcement, guidance and encouragement

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Older Child / Teenagers

As children age, additional dental problems can erupt. A regular dental care routine is essential. Teenagers can be tough on their teeth. We ensure that a good home-care routine is in place at this age by educating your teen on the importance of dental maintenance. Orthodontic problems also tend to arise at this stage. Luckily, these can be minimized with early intervention. We work with older children and teens to ensure preventative measure are kept in place. These include a healthy diet, educating your teenager about preventative measures, and putting the tools in place to keep your teenager’s mouth clean and healthy.


Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth generally appear between the ages of 17 and 25. Most adults have four wisdom teeth, although it is possible to have fewer or more. As they develop, wisdom teeth commonly affect other teeth, becoming impacted or growing in sideways. This is why wisdom teeth have been identified as the source of problems for many people. A lack of room to allow the teeth to erupt results in a risk of periodontal disease and dental cavities. Because of this, it is common to get wisdom teeth extracted. It is recommended that wisdom teeth be removed before symptoms or damage occur, in order to prevent further dental complications. Thankfully, wisdom tooth extraction is one of our specialties. At City Dental Center, we work with patients to make sure they feel relaxed, secure and well taken care of.