Prevent Tooth Decay by 400% with This One Easy Step!

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Prevent Tooth Decay by 400% with This One Easy Step!

Anna Nordstrom, a dentist and researcher in Sweden, reported that using toothpaste containing a high amount of fluoride and massaging it into the teeth helps one’s protection against tooth decay by up to 400%!

There is currently a new brand of toothpaste that has been released to the public, with no prescription needed, to help those who suffer from and are susceptible to tooth decay. This toothpaste has three times more fluoride than the standard tube.

A further scientific study examined sixteen volunteers, who had various ways of brushing, using both regular toothpaste and the high fluoride toothpaste two to three times a day. The result: Those using higher fluoride toothpaste were protected at four times the level than those who used the regular toothpaste.

Dowen Birkhed, a professor also involved with this study, further studied the effects of massaging the toothpaste into one’s tooth with a finger. He found, although less effective than using a toothbrush, it is still a good way to give your teeth a dose of fluoride (although it shouldn’t replace brushing).

Here are four additional tips to help fight tooth decay:

  1. Use toothpaste twice a day: once after breakfast and once before going to bed.
  2. Brush a third time or rub toothpaste on teeth if needed.
  3.  Have a problem with cavities? Use toothpaste with more fluoride in it.
  4. Avoid rinsing the toothpaste out with water.

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