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PRF Procedure


Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Treatment

A Natural Aid for Accelerated Healing

Our blood has incredible healing properties, one of which is platelet rich fibrin (PRF). PRF is exceptionally rich in platelets, leukocytes (infection fighting cells) and powerful growth factors.

PRF has long been used in hospitals to accelerate the body’s own healing process. Only recently have many scientific studies and research articles confirmed the effectiveness of PRF in dentistry.

The blood platelets and growth factors perform several essential functions in the body, including blood clot formation and the facilitation of wound healing. These growth factors stimulate the stem cells to produce new host tissue as quickly as possible, which is why platelet rich fibrin is so effective in the post-treatment healing process.

How is PRF used?

A small amount of your own blood is drawn in vials, no different than when you go for a blood test at your family doctor. The vials are placed in a centrifuge with very specific angles of rotation. The result is a mature blood clot that contains powerful antibodies and bone forming cells. The mature blood clot (PRF) optimizes surgical results and decreases healing time. Since the blood used will come from the patient’s own body, disease transmission is not a factor.

Immediately after suturing the wound, Dr. Berzin will apply the PRF to the surgical area in a high concentration. Think of it as a super-band aid. This will expedite your healing, minimize the negative effects of the inflammatory process and decrease the amount of discomfort following the surgery.


Image of PRF blood preparation