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Severe Gum Disease and Impotence may be linked

Severe Gum Disease and Impotence may be linked
March 9, 2015 admin

Flossing Teeth
How can men avoid gumming up a relationship? As a start, they could try brushing daily.

Men with severe gum disease, also known as periodontitis, are at a greater risk for impotence, according to a new study, and young men and the elderly are the most susceptible.
What connects the two vastly different conditions? In a word, inflammation. Inflammation, which is the body’s immune response in action, may spread from the gums and harm other parts of the body.

Gum disease is marked by bleeding of the gums and bone structure of teeth[I’m not sure what you mean here. Is gum diseased marked by bone structure of the teeth? That doesn’t make much sense without a word like “deteriorating” or something like that, but neither does bleeding in the bone structure of the teeth, and, if left untreated, can cause tooth decay and tooth loss as immune cells launch an all-out attack on pathogens in the mouth.
These bacteria can also seep into the bloodstream and damage blood vessels. Because erectile problems can be caused by impaired blood flow in the penis, poor dental hygiene and gum disease can be associated with impotence.

Faithful brushing can keep bacteria that trigger inflammation at bay, and regular visits to the dentist can detect periodontitis.

Book your checkup at City Dental Center today to make sure you’re not at risk.


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