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Supportive Periodontal Maintenance

What is it?

Periodontal maintenance refers to the removal of bacterial plaque and calculus from above or below the gum line. Usually patients will undergo this type of treatment when diagnosed with periodontal disease.

According to studies, when patients follow maintenance schedules created by their dentists, the majority will keep their teeth over a long period of time. Moreover, patients who don’t follow what their dentists suggest require additional and extensive re-treatments.

How do I get rid of periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease can be controlled if the correct precautions are taken. This includes daily home care of the gum line and professional cleanings.

How often should I get professional cleanings?

Patients with this disease and no history of it should get cleanings twice a year to maintain the gum tissue at a healthy level.

Those with a history of periodontitis should seek a specialist’s advice, as more frequent cleanings may be required. Depending on the severity, they may need professional cleanings every two weeks to every three months.

As maintenance appointments increase, so does the likelihood of re-treatment or tooth extraction.

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